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MemoryWell News for the Ages is an independent news platform designed to give the more than 43 million Americans who care for an elderly or disabled loved one at home news and information as they need it. Our site is powered by a national network of 700 writers, many whom are informed and motivated by their own family caregiving experiences.

News for the Ages was launched in late 2018 by MemoryWell, a social enterprise that grew out of Jay Newton-Small’s experience caring for her father, who had Alzheimer’s disease. A former TIME Magazine correspondent, she wrote her father’s story for his caregivers, and it transformed his life. MemoryWell was founded to enhance person-centered care through life storytelling.

Working with seniors and their loved ones around the country, we have found there is a great need for resources and information for family members who often shoulder steep responsibilities with little advance notice or preparation.

In this space, we provide news about solutions, including policies and innovations designed to help caregivers, and we write about issues we have lived through, offering advice and support. Above all, we create a space for connection, so family caregivers know they are not alone.

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Embracing Carers is an initiative led by EMD Serono, in collaboration with leading caregiver organizations around the world, to increase awareness and action about the often-overlooked needs of caregivers.

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Do YOU give a care? is an effort led by The SCAN Foundation to highlight the caregiving role that more than 10 million millennials are playing in their families.